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Alert HR Solutions Careers

Alert HR Solutions was originally founded in Maastricht, Holland whereby it became a leading European provider of HR solutions to staff shortages predominantly in the Healthcare and Construction industry. We provide our clients with a European perspective on recruitment and selection. After a successful tenure providing candidates to clients in the Middle East from Holland we have successfully now opened a new office in Dubai, UAE.

Our team of Middle East consultants who have lived and worked in the area for years provide our clients with the best practice solutions on offer.

Alert Mensenwerk is the original private Dutch company founded in 1995, and this team consists of approximately 25 full-time and part-time employees who operate additionally in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Poland. Our clients include large public and private companies in the Middle East and Europe. The majority of our clients have worked with us for many years and return to us continuously.

As an organisation we are guided by a strict Code of Conduct, to secure that we act responsibly, ethically and respectfully at all times towards candidates as well as clients.

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